UNAWARE: Upwards of 85% of SAF Positions Occupied by Men.

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Singapore is a first-world nation and economy, so why does she still have a third-world mindset? (source)

SINGAPORE 26 NOVEMBER 2018: More than 85% of positions in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) are still occupied by men, a study conducted by Unbiased National Association of Women for Action and Research (UNAWARE) announced.

Citing a study of a quip from a random SAF enlistee PTE Wong Oak: “I everytime in camp only can see men. Where are the women? It’s (end) 2018 people, come on lah! Can you wake up your idea?”

W. Oak added: “The glass ceiling is, sadly, alive and well. According to the Singapore Board of Directors Survey 2015, 93% of respondents relied on “personal contacts” when looking for board candidates – in other words, relying on the “old boys’ network” which systematically excludes women.”

“Much more can be done to address and eradicate the perceptions, biases and structures that are still in place which limit women’s choices and opportunities.” W. Oak said.

TMT reached out to SAF for comments, and was promptly told “eh fuck you understand you nahbay chao jibye.” and “you think u funny mickey mouse fun fair is it? Go and sign 3.”


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