Singapore Boomer: CPF Contributions too high, payouts too low.

SINGAPORE 14 JULY 2019: A Singaporean man in his 60s has taken to social media to lament about his issues with retirement. “My CPF balance only has so little. My calculated monthly payout is only $80. How can anyone survive on $80 a month?” Asked Singaporean man Meal Tin.

“We need to VOTE THEM OUT! $80 a month is INSULTING! Return our CPF.”

Tin also pointed out that CPF contribution rates are way too high.

“20%? I already earn so little, and now the government wants to take away 20% of my income? #VoteThemOut.”

Tin added that Singapore is also not caring enough for its citizens.

“Why does transport cost money? Restaurant food is like $50 a meal. How to survive? In other country everything is FREE.”

“And why do I need to pay S&CC fee? Government tax not enough? Must be minister millionaire salary. #VoteThemOut.”



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