Government to remove labels Singaporean and PR to avoid dividing Singapore.

Singapore's oft-debated foreign worker policy sparked an exchange between Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing and Workers' Party chief Pritam Singh in Parliament on Monday (Jan 6).
Minister of Parliament A and Minister of Parliament B. Names have been removed to reduce divisiveness. PHOTO: TODAY

SINGAPORE 9 JAN 2020: In an effort to reduce divisiveness between Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR)s, the Singapore government will remove the labels from use.

Earlier this week Minister of Parliament  (MP) Sing and MP Singh clashed in Parliament over access to data on the number of jobs created for Singaporeans versus PRs.

“I don’t think we have anything to hide, we just shared the data.” MP Sing said while not addressing directly the question asked of if the government would release data breaking down by numbers of Singaporean and PRs.

When asked by a reporter why the minister would not address the question directly, a government spokesperson issued a reply.

“What is the point of asking such questions?” A government spokesperson said. “Answers are not the answer, and will only seek to divide a certain country’s population. It is definitely not because we have something to hide. What is the point of hiding something by not answering a question? I question the reporter’s intentions.”

We would have reached out to a ministry for more clarity and information, but what is the point?




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