PAP: Gan Siow Huang unfeeling robot untrue, just needed software update

Photo: Gan Siow Huang at virtual press event

SINGAPORE 3 JULY 2020: The People’s Action Party (PAP) has today terminated rumours about their candidate Gan Siow Huang being unfeeling and like a robot, clarifying that she only needed a software update to resume feeling like a normal human being.

This comes after many online speculated that she was a robot after her mannerisms during her Nomination Day speech left some feeling less than sympathetic to her call for votes. PAP spokesperson Sarah Connor said: “She’s not an unfeeling robot, she just needed a quick software update to increase her warmness and likeability. We also added .3 tics more of humility so that our voters could relate to her more.”

Her stiff posture and tone gave off a vibe that led many to think that she was too wiry, and even led to a parody video, imagining what she would be like as a vice-principal in a school.

Gan Siow Huang also drew much adoration online for being the first female Singapore Armed Forces personnel to reach the rank of Brigadier General.

All the best to Ms Gan in the upcoming elections as she will be running against Ang Yong Guan from the Progress Singapore Party in Marymount SMC.


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